Global Internet Seminar – Live II

Information overloaded weekend, indeed! Very interesting 3-day experience – my feeling is like the New Year Fireworks! WOW! AWESOME!!!

Continuing from where I stopped yesterday, the following speaker was Patric Chan – Malaysia Boleh! He is a guy who shares speaking platform with international speakers and for Robert Allen to endorse his work, what else can you say about this guy! I like what he said about “giving Highly Valuable FREE things to people” One should aim to create awareness and the following will follow (huh? Do I make sense here?). Means, people will follow you and continue to read what you write. I think I’m on the right track, well, at least at the “creating awareness” part and sharing my expertise here at my blog.

Today, we have Ewen Chia, the #1 Best Selling Author on Internet Marketing! I benefited from his talk, especially when he is kind enough to go down to my (& others who are in the same boat as me) level, i.e. the fundamentals. He said that “being a newbie is not a dirty word“. Oh yes! Everyone starts from ground zero, so it’s no big deal. Whew!

Whatever we decide to do, having the Right Mindset is most important. Be Focused on one thing first before expanding your horizon. Everything starts with a Plan. Without a plan, one will move around aimlessly, end up walking in circles. We must also carry out Productive Actions; do what needs to be done to meet your goal! It is normal to feel uncomfortable. If you feel indifferent towards something new, you won’t make any impact on your life!

Chris Bowser, an eBay expert talks about creating another income stream, not another job. Having 24 hours is not just not enough for many people, today. How can you fit in another job? Chris assures that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – you like that? I’m sure many of you have sold/bought things from eBay. Ashamed to say that I have not – I might one day soon, I hope. Remember, I said yesterday, that I would paddle with the current? I’ll progress, slowly but surely.

What I discovered from this seminar is that, all of them are not tech-savvy people! They were  once just like me. Now, they are experts! I’m so impressed beyond words. I want to be like them too…I am so very inspired!

I’m wishing that, before my birthday this August, I’m going to make some changes to my activities = my life. I shall then share with you my Internet Journey.

The earth doesn’t stay still, so why must we? Someone once said to me, “we must keep on learning, for as long as we live. We only stop when we are dead“.

I’ll take my leave now, so that I can rest my overloaded brain.

~ Alice

Shot of the hall during Break

Shot of the hall during Break

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