Living our Dreams

Think about your dreams…not the dream you had last night. It’s about what you dream to become in the future or what you dreamt of becoming, once a upon a time, but now buried somewhere at a corner of your heart or mind.

If you have realised your dream(s), I congratulate you! But, if you still have dream(s) not realised yet and felt that it is too late now to even think about it, may I ask you to think again? If it’s to marry Prince William, yes, I agree with you, it’s too late and better to let it go. If that is not your dream, Great! Now, ask yourself again, “Why too late?” and “Can I take it up from where I left off?”. If it’s timeless (it usually is), do something meaningful for yourself, starting this minute as you read on.

If you wish to become a teacher, there are many teaching professions like being a tutor, school teacher, uni/college lecturer, coach, trainer, etc.  Be it academic or professional education, art, music or sports. Find out what are the requirements and see if you fit the bill. If not, can you acquire additional knowledge to increase your competency? Meanwhile, would you offer to be a volunteer or apprentice, to gain some field experience first?

If you wish to become a lawyer, why not? I read in the papers some time back about a recently retired man, graduated with his law degree and en route to living his second dream. He could do it, so can you. It’s a matter of how strong your will is to succeed. If it is strong enough, you’ll find a way to achieve it! There is no boundary which can stop you from achieving that life goal, except the one you build around your mind.

If you have growing children, think of it as you being their role model. They will realise that anyone of any age can still seek further education. Imagine you sitting down with your children doing your homework and preparing for your exams together. It’s simply a fabulous experience, trust me. I never fail to enjoy those moments.

This year, I’m going on another journey of self-development. Besides helping my clients grow and manage their wealth full-time, I believe I still have a lot more to offer back to the society. I have quite a wholesome Financial Planning practice – conventional and Islamic, and it’s time for me to continue with my MBA next.

I’d like to become a lecturer one day, besides being a Financial Planner. Being a financial planner is my passion, my first dream, which I have already realised and living in it. Teaching is next on the list. I am not going to make a choice between the two. Tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to have both!!! Who says you always have to choose either one? If you can stomach all, why not both, isn’t it? I believe I can.

I have already started to be a volunteer teacher to my children’s Dharma School. It is so much fun to impart your knowledge, life experience and learn from them in return. 13 year-old is a challenging age. Every week, I strive to make the class as relevant and current as possible for them to learn and have fun. Who says learning has to be dull? At the end of the class, my only wish is that they’ll learn something new to take home with them, to make their life better.

If you are already a wonderful mother and wife, but yearn to do something meaningful for yourself (e.g. baking, music, public speaking, writing lyrics,  being an author, blogging, start an on-line business), what’s stopping you, my friend? If you can get the support from family and friends, it’s even more wonderful. If not, it’s still good. You can begin this journey alone, but not for long. You’ll soon find people who share the same interests with you. If you need a cheerleader to cheer you along, you can count me in. I’m sure my reading friends here would lend a hand to cheer you on too, right? Just keep us updated here with your progress….

So, if you have one or two dreams on paper buried somewhere in your closet/drawers, bring it out again. If you have one at the back of your mind, put it on paper. I don’t know about you, I think better on paper. Make plans for it. Find out more. In this IT age, information is at the tip of your fingers, instantly! Amazing, isn’t it?

Once you have your plans on paper, if you like, discuss with your trusted friend or spouse – anyone as long as, this person is someone optimistic, honest and care about you and your happiness. This is important because this person can and will either push you to the right directions or to dash your dreams, down splat!

Now, go! All the best and always believe that “YOU CAN DO IT!”

~ Alice


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