Ahhh…..for those who have outgrown it, you must have that sheepish smile and glitter in your eyes as your mind takes a leisurely stroll down memory lane. For those who are much younger, if you are not so sure what it is, it’s clearly defined by Wikipedia as follows :

Puppy Love (also known as a “crush” or “calf love” even “kitten love”) is an informal term for feelings of love or infatuation felt by young people during childhood and adolescence, so-called for its resemblance to the adoring, worshipful affection that may be felt by a puppy. ‘Simple infatuation is often called a “crush” or “puppy love”. It commonly strikes those in the early teens or younger’.

I guess many prefer to call it “crush“. Like, “You got a crush on so-and-so!”. Puppy Love situation may be mutual or one-sided (the other party doesn’t share the same feeling).  When you are in “Puppy Love” mode, you tend to be more self-conscious and your behaviour may change.

You realised that your mind won’t be still or focused on your studies. You’ll keep watching the clock counting the seconds for the school bell to ring to rush home. At home, you’ll be checking your phones (cellphone and house phone) for missed call, texts and when the phone rings, you’ll be jumping and rushing to grab it before anyone else does. You’ll also lose track of time when you talk on the phone (1 hours seems like 10 mins!), resulting in abandoned school works. You might become  more mysterious and quiet around the house. No matter how much you tried, your sudden change will certainly attract your parents’ attention (trust me, they don’t miss a thing!).

I personally believe it’s okay and normal to feel attracted to others. It’s part of growing up. However, you don’t have to rush to agree to or initiate one-on-one dating activities (i.e. meeting at the mall, go for movies, meeting at the park, etc). By all means, go for group activities (with your parents’ consent, of course) like having study groups for projects or studying for exams, playing sports together,  and other healthy activities. You should not, at any one point of time, be pressured to pair off when you meet. Pairing off  (one-on-one dating) can come in later years when you are more mature, feel more confident about yourself, more comfortable being with the opposite sex and better able to handle emotional issues associated with it.

At this point of time, when you are both still attending school, acquiring knowledge must be your priority. Education and Knowledge is the foundation to a better future. You’ll have more options in life for your to choose, believe me. You also know that your parents love and concerned about you and wish to see that you make it through to high school with as few “casualties” (emotionally, I mean) as possible. Take it to heart. They mean well….

One thing you must know of Puppy Love is, it doesn’t last. You’ll outgrow that feeling as you become older and understand yourself better. Life changes all the time, so would your feelings, the way you see and understand things around you. Therefore, do take this as mere attraction, like you enjoy this person’s company more than others because he/she makes you feel good.  Treat “crush” like the one you have for Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, whichever is applicable. Don’t rush to grow up…take your time and cherish every moment of your growing up years.

So, guard your heart, till you are ready to undertake the responsibilities and consequences that come with romantic relationships. Meanwhile, enjoy being with good companies (good buddies) and school!

All the best,

~ Alice


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