Please Be Safe on the Road

I was on my way back from the city centre this evening, when halfway through, the traffic was bumper to bumper. We then saw two police patrol cars and an ambulance sped by. Oh no, I thought to myself..there must be an accident! True enough, as I drove past, I saw a man lying motionless in the middle of the road. I felt so sad thinking that the family won’t be seeing him home tonight. I’m sure he has someone waiting for him back home.

That takes me to this point : Do you notice all kinds of driving behaviour on the road? The behaviour of drivers or motorbike riders. Some are going too slow blocking your way, some suddenly cut into your path without warning and some are too fast and impatient, all of which might cause accidents. For those who are slow, do everyone a favour, drive along the right lane. And, for those who are too fast and furious on the street, please think of your own safety and that of those using the same road as you. If one wants to change lanes, use your indicators – that’s what they are for – to let others know which direction you are heading for. I’m not going to write how all these works. We all know that or else, we would fail our driving tests and not allowed to drive at all, isn’t it?

Everyone is loved by someone. Nobody wants to see their loved ones being hurt or worst, dead. Death by accident is painfully awful because it does not prepare the family for the sudden loss nor do they get to hear last words from the deceased.

So, people, please be mindful when you are behind the wheels or riding your motorbikes. Don’t multi-task when driving. You know what I mean….the handphones and stuff.

So, please, do yourself, your family and other road-users a favour. Drive safely to your destination. If you were late, it’s just a matter of minutes. Just be truthful to the person waiting for you, call them (use your hands-free, of course) to inform that you are going to be delayed. Otherwise, plan your journey by starting out earlier. It is alright to arrive earlier. That shows your respect for time and it also shows that you respect the person whom you are going to meet.

Lastly, always be safe for yourself, your loved ones and fellow road-users.

~ Alice


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