Tennis Elbow

I didn’t write so much last week because I’ve been suffering from tennis elbow. Oh no…not from playing tennis…I don’t even know how to play tennis! That’s my husband’s joke.

I had that condition last year on my left arm – that time, my Dr actually called it “Laundry elbow“. That was how I got myself injured. Lifting the laundry basket! This time, I’m sure my Dr is going to call it “Daughter elbow” – I injured both arms (recurring injury for left and a fresh one for the right) as I lifted my daughter.

You see, my dearest princess, she can’t really get up on her own in the early hours for school. The fastest way to get her out of her bed would be to carry her from the bed to the bathroom (1-2 mins max). I did that for 4 straight days and that was how I got my arms injured.

A friend advised me not to pamper my little darling too much. If it takes me 20 mins to wake her up, I shall start acting on it 20 minutes earlier ~ Sit by the bed and shake her like a rag doll till she becomes wide awake to walk to her bathroom. The issue is, you can try to shake her like a rag doll, she really does look like one, yet she still can’t get up! It’s so comical! Any ideas you may have which proved to work for you, please share. I would be most grateful.

You’d be surprised to know that tennis elbow is a common injury, sad to say, mainly suffered by women, especially homemakers! My Dr said, that is because homemakers do a lot of housework and tend to injure themselves. This is one of those all small injuries which  can be easily dismissed by rubbing some balm or oil on that spot and soon be forgotten. Once injured, the recurrence is easy. One does not need to go for surgery unless it is really bad. Your Dr would be able to advise you accordingly.

I say, when you feel that the basket full of laundry or whatever, is too heavy for you, find a way to make it lighter. A friend uses her son’s scooter (is it what it’s called? Not the motorbike scooter but the kids, one-legged push scooter) and trike to push the basket from the back to the front. Brilliant! And, if your back becomes stiff and painful after vacuuming the house, it’s time to put up your feet and relax over a cuppa. It’s OK to be less perfect. It’s not OK to try to do everything and you end up being sick or injured. Do you notice that when having lack of sleep and not exercising, we tend to be more prone to injury?

(Sigh) I’m wearing my arm brace now – on the right – as it is more painful than the left. That makes writing and doing things quite challenging. It’s getting better, I hope. I shall use the Law of Attraction to heal – think “positive” and think “healed”.

Take care everyone and enjoy the sunshine too 🙂



2 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow

  1. Take care ya, Alice. dont over work yourself!
    My niece is the kind of girl that cant wake up in the morning too! She was once stay in my house, my girl even put an alarm clock near her ears also can’t wake her up!
    My sister told me still evryday thinking of all the ways to wake her, but the best way is to let her sleep early. Now she try her very best to let her sleep early!

    1. Thanks Angeline, I shall not work too hard. Writing this blog is so exciting that I’m enjoying myself so much. I hope you are enjoying it too.

      I wonder if it is enough for 9 year old girls to have between 8-8.5 hours sleep? Or do they still need 10 hours sleep?

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