Math & Science in English

My BB was bombarded with texts yesterday, from friends about the poll in The Star Online (  Seems that many parents are concerned about Math & Science (M&S) being taught in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) again.

I tried to get in to cast my vote but it failed to direct me to the right poll! It kept getting me to the F1 and Sarawak polls! Has someone decided to put a stop to people casting their votes? I hope not, as I still insist on casting my vote, hopefully to make some kind of change. If anyone knows the right link, please provide the correct address. Would appreciate that very much. When we, the citizen feel that a decision made is not right, we must make our stand. We shall not compromise our children’s future by being a bystander or fence-sitter and hoping that some else would do the work. Every head counts, yes?

I feel that it is bad enough to confuse them thus far. First, the subjects were taught in Bahasa Malaysia (BM), then, it was changed to English (I applaud the former PM’s foresight on this) moving forward. Now, they (people of authority) want to make a U-Turn by changing back to BM!

Besides confusing the children, so much have to be spent on translation works, man hours, books printing, etc. Why not use that fund to do something more productive? Teachers’ training, recruiting retired teachers, if need be. As a mother, I am most disappointed with the system. The decision makers can’t seem to make up their mind and they keep changing in the expense of the children’s future.

When we are faced with challenges, we do not back down. If English is an issue, we should step up our education system to ensure that our children learn and master it. English is widely spoken and it connects people from all over. In our lovely country, English is being used in writing and speech everyday. 

I personally feel that English language shouldn’t be the underlying problem here. Bear in mind that children learn and master a new skill (languages included) very quickly. They absorb like sponge! The whole world is changing by the second. Do we want to be still while the world is moving rapidly around us? If we allow that, we would be left far behind to the place of no return. We must march forward bravely and change with time.

I hope the persons who are influencing the decision makers, and the decision makers themselves, would see beyond them to think of our future leaders, the children, before acting on it.

Now, do you still feel that Math & Science should make a U-Turn? Please vote below to be heard….


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