Gadget Families

Everyone owns at least a cell phone each today, from adults to children. Talk about smartphones – your BB, iPhone, HTCs, etc. I am sure you noticed how attached people are to their gadgets (now include iPad and the likes), it’s like an addiction! For the younger ones, they would have in their hands, PSP, Nintendo DS, Gameboy. Wherever they are, in the car, restaurants, meeting rooms, etc you’ll see everyone bowed not to say a prayer (mind you) but to read, text from their phones or even to play games. I’m sure you notice this everytime you are in a restaurant. I am “guilty as charged” here. My family is too. However, I do not like this kind of culture, if you ask me. I would prefer to have small talk amongst family members during mealtime. I feel that this is the only time we get to sit down together to share a meal, why not light conversation?

Emailing, texting one another is the culture of today that we talk lesser now. This affects our communication skills and amazingly, as read in the papers before, writing skill and spelling are affected to!

What about you? Does this happen to you and your family too? How do you tackle this issue?


2 thoughts on “Gadget Families

  1. My son has been asking for a PSP. My answer, a very definite NO. I do not like the idea of them becoming a zombie, staring into an electronic screen. I do allow them time to chill out on the computer but that also have time limit. Plus, all work must be completed first.
    I’m not a gadget person. My phone also nothing fancy. In fact, hardly used. Nobody calls me and I hardly call anybody. But like you say, we live in a gadget society. It is easy to get caught up in the culture. You’re right, we have to make sure we don’t devalue human interactions.

  2. Lian, you’ve made a wise decision to delay having handheld gadgets in your family environment. If they don’t have it or see it, they won’t miss it, isn’t it? This is the case when I keep their gadgets during school term – they don’t miss them at all!

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