Straight A’s?!

Just barely a week ago, the whole nation (Malaysia) was excited (or not) about the SPM results. On that particular morning, as I was trapped in a bumper to bumper traffic, on my way to the office, I listened to JJ and Ean (my fave DJs at Hitz.FM) on the radio. One particular lady in her 50s spoke with them. I agreed with her on every word she spoke of.

Let’s see if I could still recall one particular point she said about results (not in exact words) : Whether the children did well or not well enough, one door may be closed but another would open. Do not give up, just keep on moving forward.  She is so Right! Being a top student is great; being an average is great too.  As long as you have worked hard for it, it’s the best that you could deliver, that is already a great achievement! 

Me, I was always an average student (for all subjects except for Accounting and Math/Add Math – my fave) in school, till I became a professional adult student – I became one of the top students in the class! How I could do so well? Simply because I finally found what I was (still am) passionate about and my brain went to work full swing, tirelessly. I got it finally! What I learnt from my own experience was that if one studies what one is passionate about, it’s like a hobby. It becomes easier to learn and understand, and excel in it. Same goes to a job. If you like what you are doing, you don’t find your job that tough after all. You’ll surprise yourself with all those amazing ideas you came up with, to complete a certain project or task. Believe me….been there, done that.

So, whatever results your children/niece/nephew, etc have, find out what his/her strengths are, what his/her passion is, and that would be the clue to which course he/she should go for. Be not afraid of choosing the wrong course. There’s not right or wrong. It’s only wrong when we try to get them to live our dreams, against their will. Yes, I’m a parent, and I would like to give the best to my children….but sometimes, we must not protect them too much.

My Dad as I was growing up, allowed me to make my own decisions, right from choosing my primary school, Science Stream (I hate Science and I hate History too) or change to Art Stream (cos I love Accounting) to selecting my courses in college, etc. Thanks, Dad! I asked him, what if I made the wrong decision? He simply said that whatever decisions I made, he would give me his full support. I am so grateful for he had given me the opportunity to learn how make decisions at a young age (since 6 years old) and not afraid to make any decisions (right or wrong) at all. He allowed me to grow at my own pace, and I survived well.

Signing off and hope you have a great evening 😉


2 thoughts on “Straight A’s?!

  1. Alice,

    I couldn’t agree more with you! My no.2 only got 5As, but the As are for his favourite subjects. He knew what he wanted and I am happy that he’s now working in an area he loves the most – programming!

    Having said that, straight As mean the door to some financial aid or discount is the higher learning institutes is not closed 🙂 .

    I was a top student in my high school days, an OK student during my under-grad, and a nobody (career-wise) now. But the main thing is I am happy, and I have a wonderful family and my health is still in the OK region 🙂 .

    Straight As is nice to have, but not mandatory to ensure success in the future!

    Congratulations on this blog 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kak Sabariah.

      We can’t have it all; we win some,we lose some. What really matters is that we have given our best. On our life journey from being a young student to a wife then mother, our priorities changed. You are indeed a VVIP in your family (besides hubby lah) – you have fine children. That’s already an achievement! I shall look forward to learn more from you 😉

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